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June 5, 2024

United Way of South Central Idaho Statement Regarding E Street Community Center

In 2021, the United Way of South Central Idaho (UWSCID) embarked on a transformative journey inheriting The E Street Community Center, a cherished landmark with roots tracing back to the Magic Valley YMCA in 1958.

Under UWSCID’s stewardship, the center's legacy has been revitalized, profoundly impacting our community's well-being. With a vision deeply rooted in inclusivity, the addition has propelled us towards a future where the diverse needs of youth and adults are met through holistic support in health, education, arts, and human services.

“Everyone has been passionate about the building's purpose,” says Bill Maikranz, President and CEO of UWSCID. “Our mission has been to help as many children and families in our community as possible—for as long as possible—with accessible and affordable resources and activities to enrich their lives.”

Since 2021, UWSCID’s financial support has allowed E Street Community Center to:

  • Create multi-faceted after-school programs, camps, and clubs to support 902 K-6th students and 178 middle and high-school students
  • Scholarship 43 low-income students for after-school programs and camps and 57 gym memberships since 2021
  • Teach 350+ seniors with fitness sessions such as Silver Sneakers
  • Educate 283 children in swimming classes developing pool safety skills
  • Provide 172 free community-led presentations ranging from financial, medical, and health seminars
  • Offer a variety of 43 fitness programs for all ages
  • Operate sports courts for competitive teams and tournament use

With an aging facility, UWSCID has stepped up to contribute to 36 high-value external and internal building improvements that had been deferred maintenance, investing more than $465,586 in the last two and a half years in addition to $451,115 in operational expenditures.

We gauge success by E Street Community Center’s impact on the community and its ability to sustain that impact. Our UWSCID team and Board of Directors believe we’ve enhanced the community's access to resources, programs, and activities. However, assessing the significant financial implications and determining how long the center can be sustained poses a significant challenge.

We’ve analyzed membership and after-school program price options using market research to address that challenge and attempt to ensure the center could operate beyond a deficit. To that end, some fitness and recreation classes were discontinued based on member participation. E Street Community Center surveyed its membership to measure interest around variable membership price points to come up with new solutions.

On May 22, we instituted a new pricing model that endeavors to cover most costs to operate the center independent of UWSCID’s infusion of financial support. We have also collaborated with some sporting teams and faith-based groups to attempt to maximize facility use. Additionally, we have explored property valuation and listing options. In our analysis, ensuring that our memberships and programs deliver maximum value remains our top priority, aimed at maximizing positive community impact.

“To us, this building is more than just bricks and mortar—it's a place of community and belonging. We appreciate each member's trust in our hands to foster health and wellness growth, and we pledge to keep the community informed as we weigh the most effective and sustainable options,” says Maikranz.

As the UWSCID team and Board of Directors evaluate options for effectiveness and sustainability, membership and after-school programs for the E Street Community Center will continue to operate normally.

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