Ready! For Kindergarten

During the crucial first five years of life there’s no better place for children to start learning the skills they need for success in school than at home, with YOU, the parent. After all, you’re the person who loves your child the most and who your child loves and looks up to more than anyone.  READY! for Kindergarten workshops are designed to help you learn how to teach your young child important skills necessary for successful learning – so he or she starts school ahead, and stays ahead.
READY! for Kindergarten’s FREE parent workshops that focus on three crucial areas of child development three times a year. Language & Literacy (Early Reading Skills); Language and Math & Reasoning; Language and Social & Emotional Development.
READY! for Kindergarten  is a national, research-based program.  Its parent workshops are designed to build upon each other; to “ramp up” each year as the child grows, beginning in early infancy and continuing until the Spring before kindergarten typically begins.  Parents can attend up to 15 unique workshops before their child starts school!
At each workshop parents receive new, challenging and high-quality toys, games, books, music and activities based on their child’s developing abilities. These “tools” are carefully chosen by the READY! for Kindergarten child development experts to be fun and easy to use, to support the READY! curriculum and state standards, and to help develop targeted skills for each workshop’s age group. 

READY! for Kindergarten emphasizes “playing with a purpose.” Even just 10 minutes a day of purposeful parent-child play with READY! toys and activities helps your baby, toddler and preschooler learn the important, targeted skills he or she will need to be a successful learner from the very first day of school.
Additionally, reading out loud together for  20 minutes every day is highly recommended by The Children’s Reading Foundation, READY!’s partner organization.  By reading out loud regularly you’ll strengthen the parent-child bond while teaching your little one early literacy skills.

Classes are presented in the evenings in both English and Spanish.  

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